Jeyflex Consultants team has acquired unique compliance skills and competencies, necessary for the fulfillment of our client’s compliance requirements in accordance with each client’s specifications. Our regional exposure within EAC and beyond adds to the value we give to our clients.




Excellence and attention to detail are our guiding principles as we endevour to solve our clients health challenges .In health , we dont take chances.”

Dr. Jerusha is the lead pharmaceutical consultant at Jeflex. Her vast experience of over eight years leading the organization has earned her several merits in Africa’s pharmaceutical industry.

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Dr. Jerusha Njoki Kamau: lead consultant: Dr. Jerusha Njoki Kamau is a consultant pharmacist consulting for various pharmaceutical firms in different capacities. She has vast knowledge in pharmacovigilance and regulatory guidelines for East and Central Africa. She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from Nairobi University, post graduate diploma in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance( James Lind Institute) and Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship which allows her understand how our services align with the clients Mission.

The core purpose of pharmacy is to restore people's health and save lives

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JCL is a MPHT consulting firm based in Kenya with a goal to serve the entire African continent, hence the urgent need to come up with a clear strategic plan to guide the business in the next three years. Some of the challenges and constraints that Jeyflex has to deal with are the dynamic environment of the MPHT industry in Kenya, the tightening regulatory environment on the continent and definitely the uncertainties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected Kenya and global economy among other challenges highlighted in this document.

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