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Pharmaceutical Quality Control Procedures

Pharmaceutical quality control testing is usually a matter of repetitive testing of samples of APIs or of a limited number of pharmaceutical products, whereas national quality control laboratories have to be able to deal with a much wider range of pharmaceutical substances and products and, therefore, have to apply a wider variety of test methods. Specific recommendations for national pharmaceutical quality control laboratories are addressed in the following text. Particular consideration is given to countries with limited resources wishing to establish a governmental pharmaceutical quality control laboratory, having recently done so, or which are planning to modernize an existing laboratory.

Quality control laboratories may perform some or all quality control activities, e.g. sampling, testing of APIs, excipients, packaging materials and/ or pharmaceutical products, stability testing, testing against specifications and investigative testing.

Advantages of having a Jeyflex LTR

Simplify registration

You simplify registration processes especially during the registration period

No need to recruit

You don’t have to hire technical staff before your product is registered


Jeyflex will act as your pharmacovigilance pharmacist

Multiple distributors

You separate Local Agency with distributorship, which means you can have as many distributors as you wish


We can hold a license while you are arranging supply routes

Save money & time

You save money and time

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