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Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how our work has helped solve client challenges. Mistakes in pharmaceutical compliance can cause huge delays and losses if certain matters are approached incorrectly. With our wide coverage and dedicated team of experts rest assured for you are in safe hands.

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Case Studies

PROBLEM: One of our clients requested us to help them to retain the products as per the required regulation. One document required for retention is the original registration certificate. When the registration certificate was presented, it was declared forged thus retention was denied and client could not trade the products.

SOLUTION: Jeyflex negotiated with the regulatory body not to sue the client.
After which we jumpstarted the proper registration process for the client’s products. We worked with the client to generate compliant dossiers. The products were duly registered in about 28 months.

IMPACT: Sales of the products resumed.

PROBLEM: One of our clients had submitted 12 applications through a previous consultant and they were all rejected.

SOLUTION: Jeyflex audited the rejected documents, identified the gaps. We worked with the client to address the gaps. All products were registered within 12 months.

IMPACT: The client was both able to save money and make money for the products were able to reach the intended market.

PROBLEM: One of our clients engaged a briefcase consultant. After a few months and a downpayment, the consultant went underground and could not be reached by any means. The consultants had all the documents including the laboratory reference numbers for our client.

SOLUTION: Using our networks, we were able to access the documents that the consultant had disappeared with. We kicked off the process and within 12 months we had registered the client’s products.

IMPACT: Our client was able to do business in Africa.

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