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At Jeyflex we've specialized in matching market needs with supplier goals. The pharmaceutical industry in Africa constitutes different countries, markets and oversight bodies. Navigating Africa's pharmaceutical industry requires an established partner with the experience and knowledge to walk with you. How can we help?

Our Uniqueness

Coverage and Service

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, with over 1.3 billion people. At Jeflex, we’ve established a presence in the entire continent and partnered with individual regulatory bodies to offer a one-stop shop for all your pharmaceutical compliance needs in the continent. With our customized services, you won’t need to look any further.

Broad understanding of Africa’s pharmaceutical market
Wide array of services
Continental coverage
Over a decade of experience
Skilled team of professionals

Africa Regulatory Affairs Services

We’ll be your guide throughout your compliance journey.

Africa QPPV Services

Wholesome  African Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) services.

Africa Pharmaceutical Research

Get the data you need to always help you make an informed decision.

Case Studies

PROBLEM: One of our clients requested us to help them retain the products per the required regulation. One document required for retention is the original registration certificate. When the registration certificate was presented, it was declared forged; thus, retention was denied, and the client could not trade the products.

SOLUTION: Jeyflex negotiated with the regulatory body not to sue the client.
After this, we jump-started the proper registration process for the client’s products. We worked with the client to generate compliant dossiers. The products were duly registered in about 28 months.

IMPACT: Sales of the products resumed.

PROBLEM: One of our clients had submitted 12 applications through a previous consultant and they were all rejected.

SOLUTION: Jeyflex audited the rejected documents, identified the gaps. We worked with the client to address the gaps. All products were registered within 12 months.

IMPACT: The client was both able to save money and make money for the products were able to reach the intended market.

PROBLEM: The client engaged a briefcase consultant

After a few months and a downpayment, the consultant went underground and could not be reached.

The consultants had all the documents, including the laboratory reference number.


Using our networks, we could access the documents the consultant had disappeared with.

-we started the process, and within 12 months, we registered the four products.

Products handled
Customers served
African Countries
Custom services

Our Services

Regulatory Affairs

Get wholesome Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs services which include registration of products and post-market surveillance for any country in Africa.

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Local Technical Representation

Get professional and specialized Local Technical Representative (LTR) services for any African country in line with your organization’s goals that are fast and reliable.

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Get the full product cycle of Pharmacovigilance Services for any country in Africa. From product development and registration to post-market surveillance activities such as ICSR management, PSUR/PBRER management, RMP, signal detection, and safety variation management.

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Quality Assurance

Keep track of your products in the market with respect to patient safety and local compliance. Monitoring and evaluating how effectively the structures and processes have been established.

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Take your in-house compliance team to the next level with our Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs Training Training programs, customized to meet your training needs. Training is available both online and in person.

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Pharma Market Research

Get the pharmaceutical data you need for any African country and always make informed decisions. Our team of researchers is at your disposal.

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Pharmaceutical Compliance Solutions for Algeria


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